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Last Update: Wednesday, October 16th, 2013

DAY ONE Wednesday, November 13, 2013

7:30 AM

Registration and Continental Breakfast

8:15 AM

Opening Comments From the Chair

Jo Nelson

Jo Nelson,

CPF, CTF Professional Facilitator and Trainer,

ICA Associates, Inc.

8:30 AM

Keynote Address

How to Transform Your Consultative and Engagement Practices for the 21st Century

Consulting and engaging disparate stakeholders is changing quickly. Build your ability to reach stakeholders and generate meaningful engagement. Take back a roadmap to:

  • Assess what is wrong with current engagement techniques
  • Adapt to new ways of connecting with stakeholders
  • Understand how marketing practices are used to maximize engagement

Take away new methods to boost your engagement success.

Dave Meslin

Dave Meslin,

Community Choreographer,

TEDX talk participant and international speaker on engagement

9:15 AM

Algonquin Land Claim

Negotiate Large-Scale and Sensitive Consultative Agreements Within the Aboriginal Community

The negotiations that are currently ongoing, and the Preliminary Draft Agreement in Principle, which, at this stage is still a work in progress, encompasses 117,500 acres, some of which extend into crown land, private land, and provincial parks. Glean strategies for how you can engage Aboriginal communities and other stakeholders. Deliver on your mandate to consult by:

  • Designing a settlement based on history
  • Making reasonable accommodations for non-native users
  • Determining how to make redress where necessary

Acquire strategies for negotiating on large Aboriginal claims.

Brian Crane

Brian Crane,



Chief Negotiator for Ontario

Robert Potts

Robert Potts,


Blaney McMurtry;

Principal Negotiator for Algonquin

10:00 AM

Morning Break

Network with conference delegates and speakers.

LuraSponsored By:

10:30 AM

Practitioners Roundtable and Q&A

Build Trust and Sustain Meaningful Engagement with Your Community Stakeholders

Citizens do want to engage and consult on issues that affect them. Build the relationships you need to forge trust and effect meaningful change. Refocus your initiatives through examples from this interactive expert panel on:

  • Overcoming apathy and negativity
  • Bridging the gap with disenfranchised groups
  • Demonstrating how community concerns can be addressed

Tap into the experience of others to forge new engagement techniques in your community.

Chris McConnell

Chris McDonell R.P.F,

Manager Aboriginal and Environmental Relations,


Lorrie McKee

Lorrie McKee,

Director, Public Affairs and Stakeholder Relations,

Greater Toronto Airports Authority

Cory Segin,

Program Manager, Office of Public Involvement,

City of Edmonton

11:15 AM

Case Study: Citizen Juries

Transformational Decision-Making Through Citizen Juries to Improve Engagement and Buy-In

A new project in Alberta has experimented with citizen juries, with positive results. Delve into the details of how this pilot project can improve your engagement and consultation processes. Achieve insights into how you can:

  • Understand and use the results of citizen jury experiences from around the world
  • Engage diverse and representative groups selected for your needs
  • Incorporate social media to engage communities beyond the citizen jury

Take away innovative solutions to your engagement and consultation challenges.

Marco Adria

Dr. Marco Adria,

Professor and Co-Chair, Centre for Public Involvement,

University of Alberta

12:00 PM


Join conference speakers and your peers for a relaxing luncheon.

1:05 PM


Brenda Pichette,

Director of Professional Development, (volunteer)

IAP2 Canada

1:15 PM

Case Study: Digital Consultation and Engagement

Integrating Digital and Face-to-Face Engagement

Using Digital and Face-to-Face tools to identify strategies to address questions you have around public engagement

Online tools and face-to-face sessions are different but not exclusive ways of engaging stakeholders. What are some ways we can use them together to effectively gather input and create solutions that are useful?

Participate in a digital platform to identify questions and conundrums that you have around public engagement, explore solutions to these conundrums face-to-face with peers, then draw them together on the online platform.

Brian Crane

Jo Nelson,

CPF, CTF Professional Facilitator and Trainer,

ICA Associates, Inc.

Robert Potts

Marc Valois,

Senior Consultant,

Intersol Group

2:00 PM

Case Study: American Energy Independence Company, LLC (Amenico)

How to Educate and Build Stakeholder Knowledge on Difficult Issues to Ensure Mutual Success

Science related topics like energy and the environment are difficult topics to discuss. This is because citizens don't always have the baseline understanding to make informed decisions. Taking time to provide a solid basis of understanding and knowledge among your stakeholders can overcome confusion, misinformation, and build lasting supporters in your community. Build positive engagement initiatives by:

  • Providing digestible knowledge to counteract incorrect assumptions
  • Showing stakeholders how their lives will be positively or negatively affected by their decisions
  • Developing a rapport so your community becomes an advocate on your behalf

Build real knowledge among your stakeholders to overcome confusion and build lasting supporters in your community.

Tony Giunta

Tony Giunta,



2:45 PM

Mid-Afternoon Break

Network with conference delegates and speakers.

VisionCriticalSponsored By:

3:15 PM

Industry Expert: Public Opinion

How to Gauge Public Opinion Through Strategically Designed Engagement Tools

Understanding how initiatives will play out with stakeholders and the general population is key to the consultation process. Delve into the process of designing engagement tools that will help you build meaningful engagement. Adopt solutions to:

  • Design polls that provide meaningful and engaged insight
  • Understand at which stage of the consultation process it would be helpful to reach out to the general population
  • Create an engaging facilitation based on real opinion data

Harness strategic engagement tools that will provide insight into your stakeholder consultations.

Jodi Shanoff

Jodi Shanoff,

Senior Vice President & Managing Director, Canadian Public Affairs,

Vision Critical

4:00 PM

Case Study: Nova Scotia Parks and Protected Areas and Western Crown Land Initiative

Cross-Department Project Collaboration Strategies to Fulfill Your Mandate and Meet Citizen Engagement Expectations

Demand for access to public land is increasing, with competing uses sometimes causing conflict. Understand how you can employ new approaches to work collaboratively as an organization while ensuring stakeholder expectations on engagement are met. Take away key solutions for how to:

  • Engage citizens for ideas and demonstrating outcomes
  • Use a suite of consultation options throughout the planning process, including visuals
  • Manage tracking systems and databases to mine valuable data
  • Work across departments to facilitate improved coordination

Build civic engagement and cross department acceptance into your next project.

Harold Caroll

Harold Caroll,

Director of Parks and Recreation,

Nova Scotia Department of Natural Resources

4:45 PM

Conference Adjourns to Day Two

5:00 PM

Evening Social Activities

Network with industry leaders and stakeholders while enjoying some of the best Toronto has to offer. Start by joining fellow delegates and speakers for complimentary appetizers.


DAY TWO Thursday, November 14, 2013

7:30 AM

Registration and Continental Breakfast

8:15 AM

Opening Comments From the Chair

Frank Van Gool

Frank Van Gool

Chairman and Senior Consultant,

The Intersol Group

8:30 AM

Case Study: City of Toronto Feeling Congested

Foster Grassroots Movements to Consult, Engage, and Effect Large-Scale Change

Congestion has a negative effect not just on quality of life, but on economic prosperity as well. Identify new models to build support for your consultation and engagement projects, one citizen at a time. Gain insight on how you can:

  • Design a strategy to build constituencies for progressive ideas
  • Maintain momentum and build capacity with face-to-face engagement
  • Generate the web and media attention necessary to maximize exposure

Build a broad movement that will maximize engagement and embrace new audiences.

Jennifer Keesmaat

Jennifer Keesmaat,

Chief Planner,

City of Toronto

9:15 AM

Social Media Practitioners Panel

Why, When, and How: What Is Working in Social Media Engagement and What Challenges Are Being Met

The use of social media in consultation and civic engagement holds much promise. But what is the reality? Join in the debate with practitioners like you and dissect the philosophical and the practical applications of social media and engagement. Analyze how you can:

  • Move beyond awareness and into action and results
  • Increase the scale of your engagement initiatives
  • Facilitate better connections with your stakeholders
  • Reach remote partners and communities

Create an action plan to build a social media engagement campaign that works for your organization's needs.

Lindsay Crudele

Lindsay Crudele,

Social Media Strategist,

City of Boston

Julia Lo

Julia Lo,

Senior Communications Officer,

Greater Toronto CivicAction Alliance

Reilly Yeo

Reilly Yeo,

Managing Director,

10:00 AM

Morning Break

Network with conference delegates and speakers.

10:30 AM

Case Study: New Hampshire and Quebec Hydro Power Line Right of Way

How to Overcome Negativity and Build Consensus When Consultations Become Unreceptive

Quebec Hydro is moving new clean energy into New Hampshire, resulting in new power lines. However, the response has not been entirely positive. Determine how you can address and overcome localized negative campaigns and create majority buy-in. Adopt best practices to:

  • Ensure you remain abreast and correct misinformation
  • Deliver positive messages so that citizens can make informed decisions
  • Address the critical issues the dissenters are avoiding

Take away critical insights on how you can respond to dissent and improve the consultation process.

Ken Merrifield

Ken Merrifield,


City of Franklin (NH)

11:15 AM

Case Study: Greater Toronto CivicAction Alliance

How to Use Data Analytics to Measure the Success of Your Engagement Process

Data analysis is essential for measuring engagement and program success. Strengthen how you can demonstrate awareness and outcomes in your digital engagement initiatives – and in a cost effective manner. Build your robust analysis program by:

  • Developing capture points from the first stages of engagement
  • Measuring the impact of traditional approaches and their digital crossover
  • Using free software, such as Google Analytics, to measure real time data
  • Demonstrating why and how goals were achieved with evidence-based information

Take away solutions to improve outcomes across your engagement initiatives.

Julia Lo

Julia Lo,

Senior Communications Officer,

Greater Toronto CivicAction Alliance

12:00 PM


Join conference speakers and your peers for a relaxing luncheon.

1:15 PM

Social Media

Social Media Engagement: Building a Social Hub that Amalgamates All Your Digital Engagement into One Place

Using social media as an effective tool for engaging their stakeholders, especially the 18–29 year olds. Determine how you can ensure alignment across social media initiatives to improve monitoring and project success. Build your action plan to:

  • Maximize your exposure within the community
  • Organize all input in a coherent and manageable manner
  • Deliver key messages back to your stakeholders in the manner they prefer

Develop social media innovations that improve engagement and measurement.

Sajeed Jamal

Saj Jamal,

Managing Director, Marketing & Creative Services,

eSolutionsGroup Limited

2:00 PM

Case Study: OPG and Cree First Nations

Best Practices in Consultation and Engagement to Ensure Project and Stakeholder Success

The Lower Mattagami Project is an upgrade hydro project that will provide approximately 440 megawatts of clean energy without creating new dams. This large project is a partnership with the Moose Cree First Nation, who will have a 25% stake in the venture. Prepare and build better partnerships with your stakeholders to improve your consultation success. Take back critical insight into:

  • Timelines for consultation and what to expect
  • Stakeholder opportunities for developing a sustainable economy through partnering, employment and training
  • Lessons learned

Adopt best practices for partnerships, consultation, and engagement with your stakeholders.

Chief Hardisty

Norm Hardisty Jr.,


Moose Cree First Nation

Richard Jessop

Richard Jessop,

Director, Project Management,

Ontario Power Generation

2:45 PM

Mid-Afternoon Break

Network with conference delegates and speakers.

3:15 PM

Case Study: Canadian Blood Services (IAP2 Core Values Award Winner)

Best Practices for Sensitive Consultations Involving Diverse Groups of Stakeholders

Canadian Blood Services recently received approval to change one of their deferral policies on blood donations. After extensive consultations involving over 9,000 Canadians across the country, including patient (recipient) groups as well as LGBTTQ community groups, consensus was reached on supporting this change. Take back viable and achievable engagement tactics for your organization, including:

  • How to approach, engage, and educate stakeholders
  • How to incorporate large amounts of feedback into new policies
  • How to complete the feedback loop – and build ongoing trust

Build new engagement systems and best practices for your organizational initiatives.

Don Lapierre

Don Lapierre,

Manager, Stakeholder Relations,

Canadian Blood Services

4:00 PM

Industry Expert: Open Data and Transparency

How to Implement Solutions to Open Your Data, and Build Trust and Transparency

An informed public is easier to engage and more receptive to discussion. Create an open data plan that allows you to improve facilitation and stakeholder buy-in. Gain concrete tips on how you can:

  • Make data more available to the benefit of government
  • Use data to build trust and fulfill transparency mandates
  • Negotiate the technology of open data to make engagement fun

Devise your strategy to maximize open data to build better engagement success.

Ellie Marshall

Ellie Marshall,

Communications Manager,

Open North

4:45 PM

Conference Adjourns




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